6 Reasons to Invest in GDI IDNs

  1. IDNs have no boundaries. Anyone all over the world can access IDN sites by using their own native language keyboard
  2. IDNs are the next wave of the .com. It’s a global investment with returns that could rival those of the .com boom
  3. The guess work is gone. GDI will assist you with pricing, training and translation services for you IDN as well as a broker kit and live support.
  4. There is a wide array of premium IDNs that are no longer available as a .com or extremely overpriced. You can easily stake claim for a premium domain with GDI.
  5. GDI is an 11 year old international company with affiliates all over the globe. Established in 1999 GDI was ranked #37 out of the top 500 fastest growing privately held corporations in the USA by Inc magazine in 2002, placing #5 in California.
  6. GDI is the registry for .ws IDNs and the technology, intent and ability to internationally market these IDNs is something that has not been held by any other registry.

What is Domain Parking? How Do I Use It for My IDN?

Domain parking is when one purchases and registers a site but does not use that site for any specific purpose such as business or email. Domain parking is a tactic used by professional and casual domainers and investors to secure a site that may be of interest or monetary value down the line. The “parking” aspect of this transaction relates to the fact that the site is not developed and essentially “parked” and waiting for someone else to come by offer a larger sum of money for that site.

Domain parking is a great tactic for IDNs as there are still countless domains in different languages that can and will be considered valuable due to their short names and native language appeal. But remember, parking a domain does not ensure you will turn a profit on it. To get an immediate return on your IDN, use it for your business and create and maintain the webpage. If you have the means to wait it out until someone is interested in your site and offers you the right amount of money, then park your domain and wait for opportunities.