Domain Names

.ws Domains Function Like .com Only Better

We recently shared the power of .ws in this post. With the face of the internet and domain names changing .ws IDNs are poised to make a huge impact. In case some of you aren’t sold on .ws, take a look at how they work now.

.ws domains can be used globally and have no specific affiliation to any country or language, essentially keeping them open and not barring anyone from use because of language or country. .ws domains also allow the purchase of domain names you may never have a chance to buy or afford in the .com world. While other ccTLD domains are now seeing use outside of their original country, .ws has been an established and profitable domain for 11 years. Finally, .ws domains are indexed just like .com domains. Take a look at the photo below if you need more proof. That #1 search result and even those that follow are .ws domain. No special search, no tricks. .ws is just as powerful as .com and here to stay. When will you stake your claim in the newest .ws offering, .ws IDNs?

Buying Domain Names

Two Tips to Benefit from Domain Name Specualtion

There are many uses and benefits of IDNs and just one of these is domain name speculation. Domain name speculation is process of purchasing what are thought to be highly desirable names with the hopes that someone else will wish to use that name and then purchase it at a higher price. This process can be very lucrative, but there are some steps you must take to avoid cyber squatting and ending up in some muddy legal water.

Avoid Cyber Squatting

Once you know the difference between domain name speculation and cyber squatting its quite easy to avoid the latter. Domain name speculation is value speculating based on generic names. For example in Arabic: أحذية.ws is an okay purchase and may return big profits in the future. However, specific names such as are off limits. This is because these are tied to a specific brand which would want to own that site. Purchasing sites like these can cause you to end u in some legal hot water and lose the domain with no return on investment and possibly pay a fine. Get creative in the generic names you choose and stay away from trademarked or branded names.

Get in Early

Domain name speculation can often evolve around current events and trends, but also around the launch of a new top level domain launch. That is just what the .ws IDN is. There are a large number of top domains available for purchase, so getting in early is key to having a return on investment. Once you have purchased these domains in the beginning, there is a chance you can quickly flip them. These domains will still be hot and in demand, but you were able to get them first. When you can rapidly purchase a domain and sell it, this is called flipping. So start buying those top domain names and flipping them for a great return.