Investment Opportunity

Explaining the Power of IDNs

You may be visiting this blog because you understand what a huge opportunity IDNs are, but how do you convey that message to others. IDNs are like nothing before and are making the internet truly global. According to ICANN chair, IDNs are “the biggest technical change to the internet since it ws created.” So it is understandable if you may have a difficult time explaining the opportunity for investment and global growth with IDNs to some prospects. That’s why we have included to some easy to convey points below to help you relate why everyone should be investing in IDNs.

IDN is an Easy Global Investment

With the changing landscape of investing and globalization, the best way to ensure you are part of the game in the future is to invest and market globally. Most opportunities to do this are very expensive and difficult for just anyone to become part of, .ws IDNs are not one of them. IDNs allow you to purchase the global domain names that you can afford and market them and use them however you wish. For a small price you can own a piece of global realty.


IDNs are ahead of the curve

Although the use of IDNs was approved by the internet’s governing body, ICANN in late 2009, no company has had the ability to take advantage of them like GDI. We are the only registry with the marketing tools to be able to take full advantage of IDNs which are gaining momentum and poised to explode. The market is nearly saturated for English speaking internet users, but other languages like Chinese and Arabic are growing rapidly. IDNs allow you to be on the forefront of this growth and capitalize on it for a small amount of money.


IDNs aren’t a fad

IDNs are not a fad, but an offering that finally meets the needs of millions of internet users.  Until recently, anyone who wanted to access the internet had to type in a website address in roman characters regardless of their location in the world or the language they spoke. Now imagine how your daily routine might be a little more confusing if you had to type in the address to your favorite site in Chinese characters. IDNs are changing this limited way of accessing the internet. Through a punycode system which creates a code using roman characters for any languages characters, everyone can now type in domain names in their own language and access the internet.


If all else fails, relate this graph. A picture really is worth a thousand words.


How to Position IDNs as an Investment Opportunity

As a broker for IDNs you have the opportunity to make great commissions and residual income. You are no doubt a part of the IDN opportunity because you understand the global power of IDNs and the importance of branding businesses and having site for life. The more people you share this amazing opportunity with the more people who can be successful and transition their career.


But what are some of the top points you should be sharing with people to get them interested investing? We’ve shared six facts that should make anyone interested in the IDN investment below. Don’t forget to get creative and share your personal reason why you think IDNs are a great investment opportunity.


  1. IDNs have no boundaries. Anyone all over the world can access IDN sites by using their own native language keyboard
  2. IDNs are the next wave of the .com. It’s a global investment with returns that could rival those of the .com boom
  3. The guess work is gone. GDI will assist you with pricing, training and translation services for you IDN as well as a broker kit and live support.
  4. There is a wide array of premium IDNs that are no longer available as a .com or extremely overpriced. You can easily stake claim for a premium domain with GDI.
  5. GDI is an 11 year old international company with affiliates all over the globe. Established in 1999 GDI was ranked #37 out of the top 500 fastest growing privately held corporations in the USA by Inc magazine in 2002, placing #5 in California.
  6. GDI is the registry for .ws IDNs and the technology, intent and ability to internationally market these IDNs is something that has not been held by any other registry.