Buying Languages

How to Select a Language for Your IDN

How Will You Be Using It?

What language should I be purchasing IDNs in? The first answer to this question very well could be “all of them.” If you are truly serious about your investment and have a strong attachment and reason for purchasing a certain domain, then you should be buying it in all languages that it is still available. If you are using your IDN for a business that you want to be international, this is crucial. It would not be a smart business decision to only purchase an IDN in Hindi and Russian and ignore a Chinese IDN. To be a global business you should buy IDNs across all languages.

What Languages are Most Popular

In this image linked here you can see the most popular languages used to access the internet. If you are looking to flip your domain, purchasing domains in the most popular languages is a good tactic. However, there is also the chance of you getting a good deal on languages in lesser popular languages.

Weigh what is important to you when it comes to your site before you decide to by and ensure you are making the right, most lucrative choice!